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Dino Ranch - Yee Haw! (HTML5)

The sun rises. A pterodactyl crows. Dinosaurs roar… Let's saddle up. Dino Ranch follows the adventures of the Cassidy Family – Ma Jane, Pa Bo and their three adopted children Jon, Min and Miguel as they tackle life on the farm in a fantastical, “pre-westoric” setting where dinosaurs still roam. As the young ranchers learn the ropes, they discover the thrill of ranch life whilst navigating the great outdoors through unpredictable challenges. Every child has their own dinosaur and best friend: Blitz is Jon’s fast raptor; Clover is Min’s loving brontosaur; and Tango is Miguel’s small but strong triceratops. Playing with the App Dino Ranch Yee Haw!, you will find more than 25 exciting challenges and adventures that Jon, Min and Miguel will need to solve with your help. With Dino Ranch you will learn the values of teamwork, friendship, love for the animals and the family, and you will live the constant thrill of all the games.