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Frozen: Double Trouble

Anna and Kristoff need your help to find Elsa! Navigate through obstacles, gather objects, and find your way to the the finish line. Help Princess Anna and her friend Kristoff as they search to find Princess Elsa in Frozen Double Trouble! Frozen Double Trouble is a picturesque and beautiful platformer game that is based upon the Disney animated film, Frozen. Help Anna and Kristoff search high and low to find Princess Elsa, navigating through obstacles until you reach the goal. Make sure to avoid dangers and always use the environment to your competitive advantage. Avoid the wild wolves by jumping between snowy platforms! Collect ropes while playing as Kristoff and earn more points! Safely guide Anna to her sister by using Kristoff’s grappling hook. If you are a fan of Frozen, and who isn’t, then this is a must play game!



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