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Simon Super Rabbit and Professor Wolf (HTML5)

Simon and his friends will become superheroes and will fight Professor Wolf

The evil Professor Wolf has stolen all the marbles from Simon and his friends, and now they must get them back. Are you ready?


Simon Super Rabbit and his friends have turned into superheroes and now they must look for the evil Professor Wolf and get their marbles back. Grrr… That boastful and braggart Professor Wolf and his minions don’t want to give the marbles back to Simon Super Rabbit, Captain Rabbit, Super Lou and Super Fredi, and they have challenged him to a super mega competition which he must win to get them back. If you beat him, he will be giving the marbles back to you. Surely you can win and get them all back. Go for it! Help Simon Super Rabbit, Captain Rabbit, Super Lou and Super Fredi beat Professor Wolf in 12 amazing events which only a superhero can win… but be careful with the cheater Professor Wolf!



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